Special Elements

Special Elements

Discover SCHWINGMETALL special elements.

SCHWINGMETALL Heavy-duty Mounts

Highly versatile equipment mounts. They are generally used in such a way that the static load acts in the Z direction. This ensures proper adjustment in the vertical and transverse directions, while the lengthwise direction remains stable. (They are also available with protection against tear-off.)



They represent sturdy and easy-to-realize suspension for medium-weight masses. In combination with the requisite limit stop disks on the upper and lower sides, they ensure protection against tear-off.



This series is ideal for supporting smaller masses with low natural frequencies. In this way, these mounts and elements protect, for example, sensitive instruments, measurement and display devices or switch cabinets against vibrations.


SCHWINGMETALL Instrumental Mounts

This construction is for relatively small masses. It offers uniform stiffness in all directions.



These are designed to be used in conjunction with buffers for inclined mounts with low natural frequencies and offer excellent lateral stability.



Dome mounts and machine mounts solve the problem of height-adjustable, attachment-free suspension of machines and equipment. They are specially constructed for almost identical springiness values in vertical and transverse directions. Thanks to the integrated level control system, these elements can be accurately adjusted to the height of machines and equipment. The underlay mat allows for attachment-free installation without any anchoring at all for low to medium lateral forces.


The following product groups are available as torsion elements:
  • SCHWINGMETALL Torsion Bushes
  • SCHWINGMETALL Torsion Mounts

Torsion elements are used to provide elastic suspension for shafts and rotating components, and they allow axial, radial, torsional and cardanic movements. Torques can be transmitted without jolts. The elasticity of these products allows for compensation of minor misalignments and angle errors at the shaft ends.


SCHWINGMETALL Components (different variations)   from kg... to kg... Natural frequency...
Dome Mounts Spring mounts with high stress resistance. Nearly same spring values in vertical and lateral direction. 150 2000 430
Heavy-duty Mounts Different spring values in the three spatial directions. 70 1000 430
Instrument Mounts For mounting small masses with good transverse stability. 10 220 260
Bell Mounts Breakaway-proof mounts for absorption of statically acting tensile forces. 10 70 450
Ceiling Mounts Breakaway-proof mount for absorption of statically acting tensile forces.
Suitable for rough suspensions.
20 140 350
Shear Mounts For mounting small masses with low natural frequencies. 8 25 200
Hydromount Mounting component with integrated hydraulic damping.
Also suitable for absorption of impact energy.
25 150 370
Flange Mount With integrated end stops for high resistance to impact stress in press and pull direction. 60 240 300
Ring Mount, Torsion Bush Primarily for torsional stress. Also suitable for axial stress. 40 190 670
Torsion Mount Maintenance-free, spring-lock articulated mount. Easy to attach. 80 200 770
Air Bearing For very low natural frequencies, with high damping and automatic level control. 700 2000 50