Rail Strips

Rail Strips

Discover SCHWINGMETALL rail strips.


Are ideal for suspension of heavy and extra-heavy machines, equipment and foundations. The range of products is perfectly tailored to meet all practical requirements and enables users to develop their own individual solutions. The railstrip lengths can be adapted to different requirements. As a result, the railstrips are ideal for mountings with different loads at individual bearing points.


SCHWINGMETALL Railstrips   from kg... to kg... Natural frequency...
Type 1. 2 Universal mounts for very large masses. Load adaptation achieved by correct selection of railstrip lengths.
Ideal for mounting applications involving asymmetrical positioning of the center of gravity.
160 4000 300
Angle Mount Same spring characteristics in vertical and lateral directions.
Low natural vibration values. Very good stability of masses mounted in traverse direction.
250 900 250
U-Shape Mount Moderate natural vibration values in vertical direction combined with very good lateral stability. Load adjusted by means of rail length selection.
Thus well suited for bearings with asymmetrical positioning of center of gravity.
20 150 360